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What's NTPP_ZOO?
This is the joint graphics community of NT & PP! We post icons, banners, occassional tutorials, brushes, textures etc. There is also a request page should you wish to request something.
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A brief introduction to PP:

PP is actually mystical_priest and is short for Panda Pirate. Personally, NT feels that the term "pirate" is unsuitable for PP. She thinks words like Disco Panda or Bartopdancer Panda would be more appropriate. Of course PP is taking no other name. Morever, she is used to the term PP. Unlike NT, PP is extremely friendly and kind to everyone, she is generally a very nice and harmless panda. Her expertise include wriggling (see panda image).

PP is a beginner to the photoshop and icon making world (In fact she just started!). She is a hard worker and is enthusiastic about learning. She asks that you be kind and advise her on how to improve. Her fandom includes video games such as Kingdom Hearts, Shadow Hearts, Tales of series by Namco and many others.

A brief introduction to NT:

NT is actually tartankilts and is short for Ninja Turtle. NT can move around with lightning speed and jump from 2000 feet without getting hurt... (well it's all bull really)NT can be a little strange and eccentric, and she is the one who came up with such a ridiculous name for a graphics community. Her expertise include hopping on anyone who bullies PP.

NT is still an amateur when it comes to graphics, and NT is extremely haphazard when it comes to icon making. After PP started icon-making, NT decided to leave her previous icon journal glenclyde Her fandom is huge and wide and she icons a variety of subjects, from Paul Newman (her favorite classic man) to AC Milan. However she icons mainly from Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and many others.

Basic Rules:
1. Please comment as far as possible and tell the iconmaker which icon you're taking. This help us to know what kind of styles people prefer and what fandoms they are from. And everyone likes comments, naturally!
2. Please do not hotlink! There are many places such as tinypic, photobucket, imgspace, imgplace and imageshack where you can host your own pictures, so please do not hotlink from us.
3. Please do not edit our icons or repost them as your own. For banners and such, you can normally request to have some part of it changed.
4. Please remember to credit. I believe iconmakers work hard on their icons, and it's only polite to appreciate them and give them due credit. NT tends to be rather easy on this rule when it comes to the brushes and textures that she makes, but credit is always nice. ^^
How to credit:

Basic Rules:
NT (tartankilts's) resources can be found HERE
PP (mystical_priest's) resources can be found HERE

Journal layout is created with codings by minty_peach. It is edited by tartankilts.
User profile features the fantastic art from kjun.org from the Korean online game XIAH.
Panda/Turtle icon animated by tartankilts No animals were injured during the process.

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